Engaged?! Now what?

Bling Bling, you got that ring!!!
Time to pop champagne, celebrate with your family, and start planning the wedding of your dreams!!! But before all that, let’s chat about a few things that should be done that often get overlooked because they’re not ‘fun’ or just not generally the things you normally get told about when planning a wedding. Here are 8 things we suggest you do after getting engaged;

CALL your loved ones

Make sure your ring fits

Get it insured

Get a separate wedding email

Discuss a budget 

Get inspired - Fine tune your vision

Get a manicure, you’ll be showing off that ring!

Go to a bridal show

No one likes to find out about big life events on social media. Although it will be tough not to immediately post the photos of the proposal, or the selfie with your gorgeous ring, spend a few hours calling all your family to tell them the happy news! They will be so appreciative that you took the time out of your excitement to personally call and tell them your big news.

First and foremost, you’ve probably been waiting for this moment your whole life, right? Wouldn’t want that beautiful bling to accidentally slip off your finger amongst all the excitement. Plus, you’ll be showing off your ring a lot in the upcoming months.  You want it to look and feel perfect! 

Accidents happen... we’re all aware. Not fun to talk about, but it’s a practical thing to do, just in case. You can easily bundle it with your homeowners or renters insurance with no trouble at all.

As you search for venders, you will be giving a lot of people your email address, and lets be real, they’re going to send you a lot of information on a lot of different things. Best way to keep it all organized and in one place is to get a separate wedding email. Any gmail, or yahoo account is free to set up. Use something like “(yournewlastname)’swedding@gmail.com.” Plus it will keep your work or personal email from getting cluttered with wedding related news and info.

Weddings can add up pretty quick. It’s very important that you, your spouse, and anyone else helping pay for the wedding be on the same page when it comes to the budget and where the money should be spent. Check out 'The Suggested Budget Breakdown' in the next article, it will give you an idea, on average, of what percentage of your budget should be allocated to what parts of your wedding day. This will also help in deciding your price range for each vendor, and where you can afford to treat yourself a little :) 

There are soooooo many options out there to help make your wedding a reality. Do you want spring with all the colorful blooms? Fall with the deep orange, reds, and pumpkins? Beach theme? Rustic farm vibe? So many options!!!! Looking around at how others brought their dreams to reality can really help narrow down what you see in yours. Pay attention to what you’re drawn to in color, style, theme, and feel. Pinterest, Instagram and Wedding Magazines can all help organize and fine tune your vision.

You’ll be asked by everyone, to see the ring. You’ll want to make sure your hand is looking its best since that’s where the attention will be!  Looking for a place in Charleston to get a fantastic manicure? Check out these options;

There are many more amazing things to do as an engaged couple - take advantage of all of them! 

This is the best way to see all your options in one place. Bridal shows are like trunk shows for weddings. All different types of wedding vendors come and set up a booth so you can come ask them questions about their services. You’ll find wedding planners, caterers, bakers, florists, real estate agents for buying your first house, travel agents for helping plan the honeymoon, and many more! Plus the caters and bakers usually prepare samples of their food, so my advice, go hungry!! It’s the best way to get a lot of shopping done in one area and one afternoon! 

There are two main bridal shows in the Charleston area, that happen twice a year;

The Water Room (Downtown)

The Charleston Bridal Show

Wedding Festivals

The Nail Place of Charleston (Downtown)

Ocean Nails and Spa (Mt. Pleasant)

What to do after getting engaged!

 I can't wait to Meet you!

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