How to prepare for your... 

Charleston Engagement Portraits

So..... you've booked your engagement session...
...Now What?!

-Don't know where to start or what to bring?
-Nervous about being in front of the camera?

From my experience, this is a lot of people's first time in front of a camera other than a cell phone. It's ok to feel apprehensive! But don't worry! I got you! I'm about to go over some very helpful information that has come directly from questions that past brides have asked.


You're not alone!

Consider traffic, hair delays, fashion emergencies, and any other delay that may pop up. Usually an engagement session lasts 1.5-2 hours, and we have chosen our particular start time based on the best lighting of the day, which is the two hours before sunset. If you’re running late, we can’t extend the session because there will be no more sun left! 

 It’s not everyday that you get portraits together, right? My suggestion...
...make a whole fun date out of it!
Get dolled up with professional hair/makeup, maybe even consider this your trial run for your wedding day.. Then go on a fun date night after our session! The hair and makeup also tends to immediately make people feel more confident during the session which is wonderful, since these photos will probably be on your walls for everyone to enjoy!
I’m not saying you have to do this at all, I’m just letting you know that some people have told me that they really enjoyed the fact that they did hair and makeup because it was a confidence booster for them, especially if they were a little nervous about being in front of the camera!

 Something that you feel fabulous in! If you’re even slightly uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, that tends to make people more critical of how they look and feel. I want you to feel your best because that’s what I want to capture, is you feeling amazing!

For some more specific tips, I would say this... 
-Avoid matching colors, the couple will tend to ‘blend’ together. 
-Neutral colors look great on any backdrop.
-Bold graphics and patterns tend to draw attention away from the intimacy of the couple,
if you have a favorite jersey, graphic tee, funny outfit you want to take a few photos in, bring it! We can do a few different looks!
-On that note….bring some options! Maybe one casual and one dressy outfit for variety.

-Don’t be afraid to accessorize!
Flowy dresses, jackets, hats and scarves not only look great on everyone, they give you something to do with your hands!

What should we wear?

time is money!

make it a date!

where should we take our photos?

What I generally look for in a location is somewhere that has a few different scenes or feels, (nature vs city) close together. That way we aren’t spending too much time traveling between locations and wasting valuable photo-taking-time! 

 Check out my Instagram highlights. The ones titles ‘Charleston’ and ‘Savannah’ and ‘Columbia,’ highlight some of my favorite spots around the city!

I also like to have a good balance of ‘Lifestyle’ photos, and ‘traditional’ portraits. Lifestyle photos focus more on the things you love to do together. Do you love to cook? Let’s start in your kitchen! Do you have a favorite bar/restaurant? Let’s go there! Do you love to hike and be outdoor? Let’s climb a mountain or go kayaking! Beach? Let’s go! I’m up for anything to capture you two as a couple! Plus I want you to enjoy the session, and what better way to do that than highlighting something you love?!

Can we bring our pets?

Oh my goodness please do!
I love all animals and would love to have your furry family member in these photos with you! 
 Bring a friend to help handle your pet so that we can take some photos with, and some without them (you know, for variety sake). 
If you’re bringing pups- Wear them out at a dog park or go for a long walk before you get to the session, they will be more likely to focus and sit for a photo if they are a little tired. Also bring their favorite treat or squeaky toy. This is a great way for me to get their attention! 

Pinterest is your friend!

Pinterest mood boards are a great way for me to see what style of photography you’re naturally drawn to.
Also, feel free to mention to me some of my OWN photos that really grabbed your attention! 

-Clean your ring! We will be showing it off so we want it so really shine!
-Bring water to stay hydrated!
-Check the weather and pack accordingly! (Extra jacket, portable fan, travel mirror, hair brush, oil absorbing wipes, umbrella?)
- Empty your pockets! We don’t want keys or phones distracting from the portrait, plus, they’re really uncomfortable! 
-RELAX, I will take care of everything! The more relaxed you are, the more fun you’ll have, and trust me, it shows off beautifully in your portraits! 

Random Tips!

I hope that helps! 

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