3 Ways to Embrace Rain on your Wedding Day

We live in the South, and Mother Nature likes to throw us come curve balls every once in awhile… It’s highly recommended to have a rain contingency plan for your big day! 

Now, let me follow that up by saying, I’m not scared of a little rain! We’ve literally shot weddings in hurricanes before. I have gear to keep my camera safe. But wedding dress’s and rain usually don’t mix, so I’m here to talk about a few options you help you embrace mother nature on your wedding day! 

Love the inside of your venue

Tip #1

Make sure you like the interior of the venue in case we have to move photos indoors. 

Check out some of these venues with beautiful interiors!

Governer Thomas Bennet House

Lowndes Grove

Legare Waring House

Click below to learn more

(pictured above)

(pictured below

Invest in some cute rain gear!

Tip #2

Those clear umbrellas or some bride/groom rain boots are adorable for photos! Or even umbrellas that match your bridesmaids dresses!

Here are some links to some suggested rain gear for your wedding



Other accessories

Embrace dancing in the rain!

Tip #3

Rain can make a beautiful backdrop! Plus there are some great traditions when it comes to rain on a wedding day

Check out some of these venues with beautiful interiors!

A knot tying ceremony, or catch the rain on your wedding day and use it as a memorabilia or christin your first child with it. 


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